rewired neurons
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"Viento" - Fernando Olivera
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damning myself for living in az each and every summer. its too damn hot.

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white people:



*discovers a food that brown and black people have been using for literally centuries. calls it a “superfood” and jacks the prices up sky high making it harder to afford for some the people who already use it a staple in their daily diets.*

fuck agricultural gentrification

Nopales are next 😞

its tru tho saw a white girl tell another white girl how to make nopalitos. sad day

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Anonymous: How does it feel being mexican?


i wake up everyday feeling exclusive i look in the mirror and all i see is sheer elegance and pure beauty

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  • I’m moving again! I’m moving back into a studio apt at the end of this summer. I truly do not understand the concept of roommates I guess. I’m really excited because this studio has a swimming pool and I NEVER get to go swimming in Tucson unless I’m sneaking into a hotel’s pool. My current apt is pretty much abandoned and there is almost no sign of life here. 
  • I’m taking a portuguese class! This is the most chill summer ever but in a few weeks I’ll be taking physics courses so I’m enjoying most of what I can now. I’ll be taking another portuguese course this upcoming fall semester. I’m falling in love with this language. 
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I feel like I’m becoming less and less active on here but trust me, I’m on my dash allllll the time

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getting real excited about making spaghetti to last me all week

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talking about money gives me an anxiety attack. i haaaate it it’s the absolute worst.

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i’m grateful because in one day i won’t ever have to see my literature professor again. a very joyous occasion tbh. 

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it’s only 9pm and i’m about ready to crash what is going on